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Notes Prepared By
 Shahzada Arslan Ahmed


Mobile Telecommunication Related Drive Test.

2G called     GSM and this is stand for Global System For mobile communication
                   2nd generation
3G called      WCDMA and this is stand for wide code data multiple access
                   3rd generation
For 2G  site verification:
1:  Trx test per sector (trx is a equipment which is using for mobile traffic at every sector inside the BTS. stand for base transceiver station)
     What’s a trx test mean we go to the site and stand in front of one sector then we start making calls from our mobiles to check the equipment that is working properly or not and this can we check from our software Rx level parameter window.The good level is from -45 to -65 and -65 to -85 is average and -90 to -110 is bad level.
And we also check the Quality level its start from -2 to -6 is good and -6 to up is bad.
This quality we can check from quality parameters.
We also can say trx testing is call testing.
Call Drops Reasons:
Bad coverage 
Sudden changing in RF frequency
Handover fail
Network  busy of neighbor site
  Handover test (intra and inter)
Each site has three sector mean antennas handover between these   sector is called intra handover. And handover from one site to another site is called inter handover.For intra handover we start call from our mobile and we making the around from A to sector C its clock wise and C to sector A its anti clock wise.
Handover is happened only dedicated mode and in idle is only cell reselection.
Handover failure.
If sector A is not handovering the call to sector B its mean handover fail from sector A to B.
Handover failure Reasons:
Missing neighbors
Bad coverage
Sudden changing in RF frequency

3:   (Swap test)
       Every site have three sector A,B and C.
        If sector A is serving in front of sector B  and sector B is serving in front of sector A.
       Its mean there is swap between sector A and B and it can happen same between three sectors.
       Every sector must shoot at own direction
       Its not like this then there is problem.
4:   Coverage test:
      Every site’s sector shooting in different directions. We will make sure with drive in that directions the coverage level is proper and good. This process for all three sectors.
5:  GPRS AND EDGE TEST(General Packet Radio Service its mean internet in 2G)
      First we connect internet from mobile. And then we open the different sites and we download and upload from these WebPages. Same time we can check internet speed by Du Meter and Net Per second.
Maximum internet speed is 600kb per second.
 6:      Cluster Drive:
            Cluster means select one area which is contain 20 to 30 sites. For cluster drive we uses two mobiles and one scanner (one mobile is idle mode and other mobile is dedicated mode).
And we drive every streets of the area.
Dedicate mean is when we make a call from mobile during this call time is called dedicated mode.
Idle mode mean is our mobile is without call without any function is called idle mode.
2G parameters:
                                 Rx Level
                                             Rx Quality
                                  BCCH       (BROAD COST CHANNEL)
                                              BSIC        (BASE STATION INDENTIFICATION CODE)
                                              TCCH         (TRAFFIC CONTROL CHANNEL)
                                               SDCCH    (STAND ALONE DEDICATED CHANNEL)
                                               PCH          (PAGING CHANNEL)
                                               SACCH      (SLOW ASSOCIATE CONTROL CHANNEL)
                                               CCCH         (COMMON CONTROL CHANNEL)
                                                DCCH       (DEDICATED CONTROL CHANNEL)

In 3G single site verification we check
voice call,
vedio call,
Data call,
Handover test softer and soft
Coverage test.
Swap test.

Voice Call :we stand front of one sector and makes Few calls to check the (RSCP) and (Ec/Io,mean Quality in 3G)level and also we make sure that all the calls are successfully established that there is no
Drop call.
Video Call: same process of voice call but dial  the Video call option.
Data Call: connect the internet through mobile up loading and downloading .
HSDPA:  (High speed download packet access) Connecting  the internet through any USB data card.
HSUPA: (High speed upload packet access) 

                     RSCP       (Receiving signal code power)
                         Ec/No     (energy chip noise of other cell)
                         RRC         (radio resource control)  
The Radio Resource Control (RRC) protocol belongs to the UMTS WCDMA protocol stack and handles the control plane signalling of Layer 3 between the UEs (User Equipment) and the UTRAN. It includes:
  • Functions for connection establishment and release,
  • Broadcast of system information,
  • Radio bearer establishment/reconfiguration and release,
  • Paging notification and release,
  • There can only be one RRC connection open to a UE at any one time.

                             SC            (scrambling code)
                             PSC          (primary scrambling code)
                             RACH       (random access channel)
                             Ps call       ( Mobile to internet)   
                             MS           (Mobile station)
                             UE             (User equipment)


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